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What we do at Telco

On this page you will find links detailing the polices and principles that Telco Antennas has developed and adopted which dictates the way we operate as a business. Integrity is a cornerstone of the company and a trait that Telco Antennas endeavours to uphold in all of our business interactions.

Also listed is contact information for those interested in job opportunities and are interested in advancing their career working with Telco Antennas.

Business Policies

Telco Antennas - Business Conduct & Ethics
Telco Antennas - Commitment To Being A Responsible Global Citizen
Telco Antennas - Diverse Business Relationships
Telco Antennas - Workforce Diversity & Inclusion Policy
Telco Antennas - Environmental Policy Statement
(Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) - Code Of Conduct)
Telco Antennas - Data Privacy Principles
Telco Antennas - Quality
Telco Antennas - Product Safety
Telco Antennas - Terrorist & Nefarious Groups
Telco Antennas - Political Contributions & Employee Participation In Politics
Telco Antennas - Indigenous Australia Statement

Charitable Contributions

Telco is an active member in the global community, and as well as our own local initiatives also participates in multi-agency connectivity programs both within Australia and internationally. The company seeks avenues where it can contribute towards improving the lives of others through subsidising wireless networks, especially for people without readily available means to do so themselves. For more information please visit the Charitable Contributions page.


As a multi-faceted business which offers clients complete solutions to their various communications challenges, Telco employs a range of skilled staff including Field Technicians, Electricians, ACMA Licensed Cablers, Steel Fabricators, Draftspersons, Network Engineers in addition to the myriad of support staff performing various roles in manufacturing, dispatch and logistics, procurement, customer service, and accounting.

If you're interested in a career with Telco Antennas and believe that you have the skills required to meet Telcos high standards, outlined in our policy section, and also deliver exceptional outcomes for clients you are encouraged to view our Careers page and make contact via careers @

Staff Resources

A page of commonly required resources for staff can be found at the Staff Resources page. This page is designed for quick access in situations where using the document control portal may not be possible.

Client/External Resources

A range of documents pertinent to trade partners, clients, integrators/subcontractors are provided on our External Resources page.