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Masts & Towers

Masts & Towers

This section contains links to various mast and tower systems. Telco offers an extensive range of mounting options for RF equipment from small temporary and portable setups all the way to towers reaching heights of 120m with 50 year return periods. We provide masts for the retail market, high grade industrial/military applications and large infrastructure projects for multinational organisations.

Due to the complicated nature of tower infrastructure it can prove extremely valuable to have an engineer approved recommendation for a solution that will accommodate a particular project. Telco offers a Tower Recommendation Proposal Consultation Service, this provides the customer with a report that can be used for planning of communication assets.


Specializing in the fabrication of RF components, mounting and support structures Telco Fabrication is unique in the sense that its facilities have been designed specifically in order to support the telecommunications industry through the design and manufacture of products with exceptional RF performance as its only priority. In addition to the staff's particular trades as boilermakers, sheetmetal tradespeople, electricians, cablers, draughtspeople, etc all employees have also undergone extensive training in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the field of RF. With this overlapping knowledge and the support of Telcos' network engineers and design team Telco Fabrication is able to provide innovative and customised solutions for clients.

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