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Military Masts

Military Masts

It has long been said that "the most important weapon a section has is its radio". The fact that this maxim is still expressed and is one of the first ideas taught to new recruits during training demonstrates the importance of good communication on the battlefield. This concept extends from the simple portable transceiver carried by infantry to specialized mobile communication vehicles, communication stations, satellites etc.

Functionality is perhaps the most important characteristic of military hardware and this includes masts and towers. Performance and reliability are actively considered during all stages of the design of a mast for use with military forces. This usually leads to over specification in order to ensure that performance can be guaranteed in a wide range of extreme environmental conditions.

The types of masts used by militaries are unique to the applications that they are designed for and can include telescopic types that are spindle driven, collapsible masts that are raised/lowered hydraulically and permanent installations of towers.

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Self-Supporting-Telescopic-Lattice-TowerSelf-Supporting Telescopic Lattice Tower$95,600.00
Truck-Trailer-Integrated-Telescopic-Lattice-TowerTruck/Trailer Integrated Telescopic Lattice Tower$0.00
Radio-Radar-TowerRadio/Radar Tower$0.00
Telescopic-Manual-Roof-Masts-Custom-BuiltTelescopic Air-Operated Manual Roof Masts - Custom Built$0.00
Telescopic-Air-Operated-Pneumatic-Masts-Custom-BuiltTelescopic Air-Operated Pneumatic Masts - Custom Built$0.00
Telescopic-Electrically-Driven-Mechanical-Masts-Custom-BuiltTelescopic Electrically Driven Mechanical Masts - Custom Built$0.00
Telescopic-Electropneumatic-Roof-Masts-Custom-BuiltTelescopic Electropneumatic Roof Masts - Custom Built$0.00