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Guyed Aluminium Lattice Tower (420mm Faced) - 7.5m

SKU: TF-GST420-8

Guyed Aluminium Lattice Tower (420mm Faced) - Modular, Lightweight 2.5m Sections

  • 420mm face width
  • 40mm x 3mm aluminium CHS leg
  • 10mm solid aluminium lattice
  • 475mm step spacing

Introducing Telco Fabrication's unique Guyed Aluminium Lattice Tower; capable of reaching heights up to 30m while still being able to be put into post and dispatched direct to location like a standard package. Designed and manufactured in the Brisbane workshop.

telco fabrications engineer certified mount Fully engineered to survive in various wind Regions from A1 - A5, B, C, and D.

Constructed of corrosion resistant aluminium, with standard maintenance the tower has a design working life up to 25 years. In addition to an aluminium construction all segments are powder coated before leaving the workshop to enhance the durability and make more aesthetically appealing.

This mast is designed to be modular and easily adapted to suit applications in regards to height, regular production runs mean Telco generally keep a large number of sections in stock and are able to supply components quickly. Telco Fabrication's staff are available to provide guidance regarding the installation.

Please contact us for orders of multiple towers, trade pricing and to discuss customisation of mast for a specific project such as a specific type of Mast Head.

Telco can also provide installation of this tower and also installation of any RF equipment that requires to be mounted. Due to the complicated nature of tower infrastructure it can prove extremely valuable to have an engineer approved recommendation for a solution that will accommodate a particular project. Telco offers a Tower Recommendation Proposal Consultation Service, this provides the customer with a report that can be used for planning of communication assets.

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The picture above illustrates the size of tower in relation to a person of average height. The max footprint / Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD) of guy wires at the optimal angle of 60° is 9.5m.

Price: $3,700.00