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Guyed Lattice Tower (550mm Faced) - Various Heights: 10 to 110m


Guyed Lattice Tower (550mm Faced)

  • 550mm face width
  • 24mm solid leg diameter
  • 12mm solid lattice diameter
  • 360mm step spacing
  • 3630mm section lengths
  • 78kg section weight
  • Hot dip galvanised or 316 stainless steel
  • Extendable mast to a height of 110m
  • 6 anchor points (2 in each 120 degree array)
  • Engineering specification Region A, Terrain Category 1
  • 25 year design working life
  • 60 year return period

A unique feature of this tower is that it can be built as a traditional stackable mast or (depending on the application and antenna load) can also be built as a tilt up mast, meaning they can be built as one long unit on the ground and then raised up without having to climb or work at heights.

All of the guyed lattice towers Telco offers are built from galvanised steel as standard however they can be made from long lasting 316 Stainless Steel if required. In addition to this the sections can also be over-coated in paint.

This mast has a face width of 550mm, making it wide enough for large microwave dishes or banks of panel antennas and is suitable for heights of up to 110m. The beauty of this tower is that it can be extended to from any height up to 110m - without having to modify the original sections. For example, if you install a 30m mast with these sections and find the mast is not high enough, it can be extended up as high as 110m by simply adding sections and anchor points.

This mast section has an inbuilt ladder on all three faces making it very strong and very user friendly when climbing and installing. This also allows for greater flexibility when fitting antenna equipment etc.

The section lengths have been designed at a length and weight which is easy to man handle, on the ground during transport and during installation.

The most cost effective installation method for a guyed mast is with the use of a gin pole and winch, although cranes and helicopters can also be used. Bear in mind that cranes cannot be used to install over 60m. The design of these mast sections are ideal for this type of installation method and in fact, they can usually be installed in this manner more efficiently than with a crane. Even though the technicians are working at heights, this method of installation is also far safer from a health and safety perspective than crane installation.

Although location is an important fact to consider, a lot of time and energy has been invested into designing systems to make them user friendly for use in remote and difficult locations. As such, there are a number of anchor systems available which make for flexible installation in hard to access areas, and in some instances the use of concrete is not required at all.

Please contact us for orders of multiple masts, trade pricing and to discuss customisation of mast for a specific project. Due to the complicated nature of tower infrastructure it can prove extremely valuable to have an engineer approved recommendation for a solution that will accommodate a particular project. Telco offers a Tower Recommendation Proposal Consultation Service, this provides the customer with a report that can be used for planning of communication assets.

Masts and Towers have a wait time of minimum 2-3 days
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