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RFI CD2197 7.5dBi Marine Antenna

RFI CD2197 7.5dBi marine antenna telstra next-g boat aerial
SKU: CD2197-W

RFI CD2197 Marine Antenna

  • Cutting edge printed circuit board design
  • Stay connected on all Australian and international networks
  • Widely used by government & emergency services
  • Supplied with 5m low loss coaxial cable, with female FME connector.

Manufactured by internationally renown antenna manufacturer RFI, the CD2197-W is a durable and weather resistant marine antenna, consistently achieving an impressive gain across all Australian and international mobile networks.

Is this the right antenna for me?

The CD2197 is the ideal antenna for small and medium size vessels subject to side-by-side swaying motion. The CD2197 marine antenna can be adapted to fit a knock down mount or rail mount, it can also be mounted to a mast by utilising the bolt at the base of the antenna. Perfect for staying connected on the water through your mobile phone and wireless broadband modem.

We have a large variety of marine grade stainless and nylon mounts specifically designed for marine craft. Most mounts will require a chrome adapter to convert the 1x10T mount to the 13mm thread for spring-base antennas.

telstra marine antenna next-g aerial for boats and yachts CD2197

Australian Network Compatibility
Network Compatibility
Telstra Next-G™ (850MHz)
New Vodafone Network (850MHz)*
*Please check Vodafone Coverage Map.
Optus Regional 3G (900MHz)*
*Please check Optus Coverage Map.
All carriers - calls & text (900MHz)
Telstra/Optus/Voda 4G (1800MHz)
All Carriers - Urban/Metro 3G (2100MHz)

Electrical Specifications

Frequency Range: 824-960MHz & 1710-2170MHz
Input Impedance: 50Ω
VSWR: <2.5:1
Polarisation: Vertical
Radiation: Omnidirectional
Vertical Beamwidth: 18° & 40°
Maximum Power: 10Watts

Mechanical/Environmental Specifications

Construction: White fibreglass radome, PCB Radiator, electro-polished stainless steel spring
Cable: 5m Cellfoil 9006 low loss coaxial
Connector: FME Female
Length: 114cm
Weight: 0.65kg

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Price: $159.00