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RFI CDQ2195 - Quick Removable 6.5dBi Bullbar Antenna

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CDQ2195 removable External antenna for mobile phone and wireless internet
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RFI CDQ2195 3G Bullbar Antenna

  • Cutting edge printed circuit board design
  • Q-Fit removable whip technology
  • Widely used by government & emergency services
  • Supplied with 5m low loss coaxial cable, with female FME connector.

The RFI CDQ2195 is renown as the hardworking, must-have vehicle antenna. Trusted by government, the farming community, and industry professionals Australia wide, this antenna consistently demonstrates a high gain across all Australian mobile phone networks.

Typical Usage

As a rule of thumb: the higher the dBi, the flatter the angle the antenna can receive from. In hilly areas cell towers are usually located at the peak of the hill, and if you've got a very high gain antenna (like 9dBi) chances are the antenna won't have a tall enough angle to receive from the tower.

The CDQ2195's 6.5dBi gain is the perfect compromise between high/low gain, making it the perfect antenna for travelling through a range of different areas - powerful enough to give you great signal when in remote areas, but low enough to work when travelling through hilly ranges.

With a 13mm stud mount on an heavy duty electropolished stainless steel spring, these antennas may be installed on a number of mounting brackets and are ideal for installations in commercial vehicles, four wheel drives and trucks. The CDQ2195's fully ground-independent design results in true 6.5dBi gain regardless of mounting position.

"Q-Fit™ removable whip system for fast and simple removal when entering low height areas, car washes or for antenna security." - read more on the RFI website. When travelling through different terrain, the removable antenna can be swapped over to a larger or smaller size and gain, ensuring the best performance in all geographic areas.

NB: Due to the size of the CDQ2199 Whip, it is not recommended for this base. The CDQ2199 has a heavier spring base and is recommended for all replacement whip or whip combinations.

Australian Network Compatibility
Network Compatibility
Telstra Next-G™ (850MHz)
New Vodafone Network (850MHz)*
*Please check Vodafone Coverage Map.
Optus Regional 3G (900MHz)*
*Please check Optus Coverage Map.
All carriers - calls & text (900MHz)
Telstra 4G (1800MHz)
Optus 4G (1800MHz)
All carriers - 3G internet (2100MHz)*
Please check your network's Coverage Map.

Electrical Specifications

Frequency Range: 824-960MHz & 1710-2170MHz
Input Impedance: 50Ω
VSWR: <2.5:1
Polarisation: Vertical
Radiation: Omnidirectional
Vertical Beamwidth: 21° & 57°
Maximum Power: 10Watts

Mechanical/Environmental Specifications

Construction: Fibreglass radome, PCB Radiator, electro-polished stainless steel spring
Cable: 5m Cellfoil 9006 low loss coaxial
Connector: FME Female
Length: 1010mm
Weight: 1.15kg

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